Institute for Clean Energy Technology

[formerly: Diagnostic Instrumentation and Analysis Laboratory]

ICET Faculty and Staff

Individual ICET faculty may be contacted via email using a standard address of the form (for most cases) :

lastname [_a_t_] icet . msstate . edu

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Dr. W. Glenn Steele

Faculty and Staff

Arunkumar, R. Research Engineer II
Autrey, Lee Draftsman/Scheduler
Cambre, John Diagnostic Technician
Etheridge, John A. Research Engineer II
Fox, Andrew Accountant
Gresham, Lawrence L. Research Associate
Han, FengXiang Associate Research Professor
Jang, Ping-Rey Research Scientist II
Jordan-Neely, Paula D. Staff Assistant
Lindner, Jeffrey S. Associate Director
Long, Zhiling Research Associate I
Luthe, John C. Associate Research Professor
McCown, Jay Controls Specialist
Miller, Tracy S. Research Associate I
Monts, David L. Professor of Physics & Astronomy
Norton, Olin P. Associate Research Professor
Okhuysen, Walter P. Research Engineer I
Palmer, Ronald Senior Research Associate
Parsons, Michael Research Associate II
Pearson, Larry Chief Engineer
Phillips, Valeria A. Research Associate
Richardson, Mary Ann Business Manager
Rickert, Jaime Research Associate I
Rogers, Donna Health & Safety Officer
Scherrer, Susan Research Associate I
Singh, J.P. Research Professor
Smith, Laura Research Associate III
Su, Yi Associate Director
Sullivan, Mike Electrician/Mech. Tech.
Trainer, Katie Research Associate
Waggoner, Charles A. Deputy Director
Wang, Chuji. Assistant Professor of Physics & Astronomy
Wofford, Tony Fabrication Shop Supervisor
Xia, Yunju Research Associate I
Yueh, Fang-Yu Research Scientist II

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